Episode 05 – PWP Chats with Kathleen Mercury

In this episode, Barb and Matt chat with Kathleen Mercury, gifted student teacher, board game designer and all around awesome person! Listening to this episode will provide you with insights into the board game design process and teaching board games effectively. And you will hear us talk about some other stuff too!

Episode 04: GenCon 2018 Recap!

We are joined once again by guest Adrienne Ezell to talk about our time at GenCon 2018! We talk about the games we saw, the games we played, the games we demoed, the games we didn’t play and the games we acquired. We also talk about a few of the non game related things we did and a whole lot more during the “Best Four Days of Gaming!”

Episode 02: Origins 2018 Recap!

Origins 2018 was a full five (six, really) fantastic days of board game convention goodness! In this awe-inspiring Origins recap episode, Barb and Matt are joined by Rebecca from To Play Is Human (dot com). Together with Rebecca, they endeavor to recall the occurrences of the 12th through the 15th of June. From spending time in the sky and on the ground with Isaac Vega to buying a wondrous tome in which Mike Selinker scribbled, and learning about the importance of gangs from Paul Grogan, the hosts recount it all. Well, except the bits they forgot.

Episode 01: Origins Game Fair 2018 Preview!

The Players Wanted Podcast is headed to Origins!

To prepare for this sure to be epic event, we sat down to talk about what we’re most looking forward to at the fair. This will be the inaugural Origins Game Fair voyage for all of us and we couldn’t be more excited! Well, maybe Ella isn’t thrilled about the roughly 25 hours it will take to get her there…

In this bonus episode, we talk about the history of the Origins Game Fair, the events we’re excited for, the games we’re excited to play, the food we’re looking forward to eating and the drinks we’re looking forward to drinking!

Onward to Columbus, OH!