Origins 2018 Recap!

Origins 2018 was a full five (six, really) fantastic days of board game convention goodness! In this awe-inspiring Origins recap episode, Barb and Matt are joined by Rebecca from To Play Is Human (dot com). Together with Rebecca, they endeavor to recall the occurrences of the 12th through the 15th of June. From spending time in the sky and on the ground with Isaac Vega to buying a wondrous tome in which Mike Selinker scribbled, and learning about the importance of gangs from Paul Grogan, the hosts recount it all. Well, except the bits they forgot.


  1. Ian Allen

    I don’t know if I “cheated” so much as I “werewolf’ed” it …. the hidden rule was that if you get the card that is your company’s mascot … you win ….
    That was a lot of fun – Allens FTW!!!

    1. playerswantedpodcast

      Woot! Go Allens!!

  2. Ian Allen


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