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Episode 01: The Lion, The Witch & Ella’s Wardrobe

Barb, Matt and Ella re-launch the Players Wanted Podcast, a board gaming podcast dedicated to bringing new gamers into the hobby and helping them thrive. In this episode, we discuss what it takes to introduce people to board games and why we chose board games as a hobby in the first place.

We also debate the geology of Australia, teach incorrect facts about snakes and otherwise embarrass ourselves.

Oh, and we talk about a whole bunch of board games.

Show Notes

00:00:16 - Intro/Banter
00:02:20 - Introducing our newest host, Ella
00:09:16 - Featured Discussion: "Bringing New Gamers to the Hobby"
00:24:00 - Board Game School: "The World of Modern Boardgames"
00:29:29 - Conventions: What, When, How, Where and Why? 
00:30:00 - SaltCon in SLC, Utah & MeepleCon / BunnyCon in Melbourne, Australia
01:01:07 - Boardgame Reviews
Game Time Stamps

00:49:30 - Sorcerer City 
00:51:26 - Terraforming Mars 
00:53:24 - Gaia Project / Terra Mystica 
00:56:33 - Crokinole 
00:56:53 - Camel Up 
00:57:29 - Sagrada / Roll Player 
01:01:06 - Dinosaur Island 
01:12:23 - 7th Continent

One Comment

  1. Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone June 4, 2018

    I’m a gamer who’s more about the gaming community than the games themselves. Board games have the power to break social barriers and to bring people together. I remember welcoming Ella when she walked through the door for the very first time, all stary eyed and not knowing much about games at all. So proud to see one of my little gamers all grown up! Ella and all those other people that walk through the door are the reason I game, even if some of them do like to hang out in the wardrobe!

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